Hi, hello.
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Welcome to my portfolio.

I am Adrianna, or Adri.

I am a creator



           and self-identified closet nerd.

My two greatest accomplishments are getting a perfect score on the Pantone Color IQ test and spending 1,000 hours exercising my art director muscles in The Sims 4. 

I've most recently spent the last two years in graduate school being told to "keep going" with my ideas and I think that's called advertising? It was a blast and some people even thought my creations were wild enough to win a few shiny awards and a trip to New York!

If you are also one of those who has enjoyed browsing my labors of love, shoot me a good old electronic mail to 

adrimsr@yahoo.com and let's talk!

You can also grab my resume         to check out my experience and see how many degrees I have from UT Austin.

Thanks for stopping by!